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In the free masterclass you learned what bitcoin is, and why blockchain technology is changing the face of finance in the world today – a “trustless” system has been created where you no longer have to rely on third parties (like banks)  to transact with data integrity.

You were taught the easiest ways to buy bitcoin and how “wallets” work. You also learned the difference between a public key and a private key, and why it is important to have control of your private keys.

Australia’s favourite website for spending bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to pay your bills was revealed in the masterclass along with leading retailers who accept bitcoin and several other methods for spending your cryptocurrency.

Seven different ways to grow your bitcoin were shared, including two ways for you to get started with ZERO knowledge of the cryptocurrency space.

We offer this masterclass because we believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a unique vehicle that gives people control over their lives and helps to move humanity forward.

We also believe that there is an unprecedented opportunity for you to take part in a transfer of wealth, and that being educated in this space is incredibly important, because RIGHT NOW you have the opportunity to become your own bank!

Would you like our help to get started?

The masterclass is designed to give you enough information to get started if you’re a go-getter who is comfortable using new systems, however we understand that this is not everybody so we have designed The Crypto Quick Start.

The Crypto Quick Start  picks up where the Masterclass left off … it is a Half Day Workshop where we take you by the hand and show you how to confidently navigate the cryptocurrency space and take control of your financial future.

We have designed The Crypto Quick Start for you to experience hands-on learning that will get you up and running with Bitcoin and Altcoins in just half a day.

Here’s how it works…

You bring along your:

•Photo ID
•Proof of Address (utility bill/bank statement)
ID & Proof of address is to set up your wallet & exchanges
•Notebook & pen

We start the day with an introduction, overview and setting ourselves up on the wi-fi network.

Then we spend a small portion of the morning laying your foundation by covering the history of money & why Bitcoin & Blockchain technology is revolutionising our current financial system.

This includes:

  • The Unstoppable Adoption of Blockchain
  • A Glimpse Behind the Curtain
  • A Freedom Fighters Dream & a Regulators Nightmare
  • Unmasking the Money Illusion

Then we get right down to the crux of the matter, getting set up and ready to roll on the crypto freeway.

  • Understanding The Tools for the Job
  • Getting Hands-On
  • The Beginners One Stop Shop

Avoiding the Lone Wolf  – how to find a coin/wallet/exchange that does best meets your needs

You will walk away with:

  • A greater understanding of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, and steps to harness the benefits of this technology to grow your personal wealth
  • Hands on setup of an exchange wallet (on/off ramp) to turn your money into bitcoin/bitcoin into fiat
  • First hand experience of the KYC process
  • An anonymous wallet ready to transact
  • An exchange wallet ready to trade


You also get:

A clear understanding of how to safely transact with cryptocurrency

Three  different types of wallets set up for buying, holding and trading

A guided experience of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process

An private wallet ready to transact

Knowledge of the right tools for privacy, security, liberty and autonomy

Increased confidence in your ability to navigate the cryptocurrency space